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Batterer Intervention Prevention Program

Our Battering Intervention and Prevention Program is fully certified by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice/CJAD and the Texas Council on Family Violence. We are Accredited facility provider with the courts, probation, parole, and CPS.

BIPP is a 18 weeks or 36 hours program, provided once a week.

Course Schedule:

Men's Class (2 hours class & once/week, no switching allowed):

Wednesday - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Thursday - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Saturday - 11:30am to 1:30pm

Sunday - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Women's Class (2 hours class & once/week)

Saturday - 1:30pm to 3:30pm

BIPP-Orientation/ Intake & Session fees:

Enrollment fee: $65.00

  • $35.00 / Session

  • Separate Men and Women Classes​


Monthly reports are sent out every month to the source of referrals.

For further information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Supportive Friend

Purpose of BIPP program​

Eliminate male to female (& female to male) intimate partner violence by providing services to batterers, promoting safety for victims, and bringing about social change necessary to end battering and all other forms of abuse.

Encourage the batterers to develop critical thinking skills that will allow them to rethink their behavior and identify behavior choices other than violence.

Support the belief that family violence and abuse is primarily a learned and/or chosen behavior and that non-violence can be chosen instead.

Identify the effects of distorted thinking on emotions and abusive behaviors that increase the batterers’ ability to use personal choice so they can stop using violence and abuse towards others.

Educate effective communication skills, characteristics of healthy & unhealthy relationships, and listening with empathy as well as negotiation and conflict resolution skills to prevent domestic violence.

Challenge stereotypical gender role expectations and support an egalitarian relationship.

Counseling Services You Can Rely On!

We provide both individual and group counseling.

Please call or email us for more information.


DWI-Intervention Class

The Repeat-offenders (32 hours) course as well as First Offenders (12 hours) course are self-paced. Once registered, student can complete the coursework in their own time. The total cost for 32 hours program is $345 + transaction fee = $360. The total cost of 12 hours program is $ 120. All fees would due up-front (at registration). 

Class Schedule

The classes provided online via google classroom. All course materials can be completed virtually and self-phased.

Please call for next class schedule at 832-805-3755

Please note: the course must be taken in sequential order (Session 1, Session 2, Session 3) to meet State requirements.  No missed assignments are allowed.  If a participant misses an assignment past the class completion date, he/she will have to start again, beginning with Session One and will have to pay a new registration class fee for new course.


(Practice Of Pause Program)

The program covers three major contributors of a functional & heathy life: stress, anger, and time management. 

POP classprogram.png

Course Schedule

By Appointments only.


Anger Managment

The purpose of the class is to teach individuals cognitive-behavioral and problem-solving skills designed with the goal of helping clients manage their anger and respond to problematic situations more effectively. Requires a minimum of 12 group hours no more than 1 group (2 hours) per week.

Course Schedule

Tuesday:  6:00pm to 8:00pm

Appointment/Calendar: Text

Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention (CBI) Program
Thinking for A Change - foundation to build a better quality of life

The purpose of the cognitive-behavioral intervention program is to educate people how to apply  problem-solving, cognitive restructuring, and cognitive skills training to promote techniques that would reduce cognitive distortions and build a better quality of life. The curriculum consists of 13 modules that cover motivational enhancement, cognitive restructuring, emotional regulation, social skills, problem solving, effective communication skills, and success planning. 

Parenting Class

Parenting class is a 10 weeks/hours program designed to educate parents general parenting skills and help them develop and maintain positive relationships with their children. Concepts include but are not limited to Effective Communication Skills, Understanding teens behavior, Maintaining healthy family dynamics, Single & Co-parenting, etc.


What other Services we Offer?

Family Counseling

The family intervention/counseling sessions are designed to improve family engagement, communications, build healthy relationships, and/or other family issues.

Family problems may include but not limited to drugs/addictions, marriage, teens behavior, mental health, domestic abuse, etc. 

The purpose is to educate parents/couples/family and guide them to work through marital issues, helping children adapt to difficult situations, and healthy problem-solving skills. 

Mental Health Counseling

Our mental health Counselors focus on helping patients cope with challenging life events. to promote optimum mental and emotional health. They may help individuals deal with issues associated with addictions and substance abuse; family, parenting, and marital problems; stress management; self-esteem; and aging.

Substance abuse Counseling

Substance abuse, counselors help people who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, mental health issues, or other mental or behavioral problems. They provide treatment and support to help clients recover from addiction or modify problem behaviors.

Individual Counseling

Our Individual counseling sessions is focused on the individual's immediate or near future concerns. Our Individual counseling may encompass career counseling and planning, grief counseling, dealing with problems related to job, social, interpersonal (depression, addictions, anxiety, bi-polar, etc.). The Individual counseling is a one-on-one sessions not exceeding one hour per session. The two form an alliance, relationship or bond that enables trust and personal growth.

Anti-Theft Class

The purpose of this class is to deter theft behavior and shoplifting.

Misdemeanor courts require 4 hours of instruction and Felony courts require 8 hours of instruction. Call about our Fast Track Course.

The course is self-paced, virtually done via google classroom.

Marijuana Intervention

The purpose of the class is to provide low-risk clients with information and motivation to quit using marijuana. The class is not for high-risk clients with a diagnosed drug dependency.

This program requires a minimum of 12 classroom hours.

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Parenting Class

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