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Orientation & Payments

All programs requires an orientation. In order to enter in any programs, the first step is to make payment. Then complete the enrollment form. For the BIPP program, the enrollment form will be email to you after receiving the payment. For the DWII, Anger Management, or other programs, fill out the the enrollment forms provided on the Enrollment Forms page.

BIPP enrollment fee is $65.00 & all other program's enrollment fee is $50. All program's registration fee is due at intake; transaction/card processing fee will be applied to each transaction. Once the payment is received, the enrollment form will be emailed to you. After you submit the signed enrollment form (via DocuSign) and payment, you will be provided the instruction to join the class. BIPP is a two hours class, once a week for minimum 18 weeks. You can choose any of the days & time provided on the schedule, however, cannot switch classes from one day to another. For example, if you choose Thursday class, 6pm., it will be every Thursday for the 18 weeks class period.

DWII program: both 32 hours (repeat offenders program) and 12 hours (first offenders program) are online and self-paced. In another words, once registered, you can complete the classwork on your own time. To enroll, go to the Enrollment Form page and fill out the second or green form. Then make payment by going the the Make Payment page. 32 hours class fee is $345.00 plus card processing fee (total cost $360.00). 12 hours program cost is $120.00. Once the enrollment form and payments are received, you will be contacted to complete the enrollment. The payments are due up-front.


For Anger Management program and other intake: Fill out the New Client Questionnaire under the Enrollment Form page. Then go to the Make Payment page to pay the fee for the program of your choice. Once the enrollment form and payment are received, you will be provided the instruction to join the class. 

All payments MUST be made with a credit/debit card or cash-app. NO third-party payments are accepted. If you do not have a credit/debit card, you can make a cash-app payment with a third-party credit card.

After the Enrollment form and payment are received, you will be contacted with the instruction to join the class/meeting.

Online Class Times:

Men's BIPP class: Wednesday 6:00pm to 8pm, Thursday 6:00pm to 8pm, Saturday 11:30am to 1:30pm. Sunday 12:00pm to 2pm. Only one class per week.-orientation is required

Women's BIPP class: Saturday 1:30:00pm to 3:30pm -orientation is required 

Anger Management class: Tuesday 6pm to 8 pm- two hour class & once per week for 6 weeks -orientation is required


DWI Intervention Class (32 hours repeat offenders program): Online/virtual, self-paced, and must be completed within 90 days (4 months) after enrollment. 

DWI Intervention Class (12 hours first offenders program): Online/virtual, self-paced, and must be completed within 40 days upon enrollment.

   Anti-Theft Class (4 hours & 8 hours program): Online/virtual, self-paced. 4 hours class must be completed within 1 week                                                                                            and 8 hours class must be completed within two weeks. 

For all other program's schedule (Parenting class, individual session/therapy, etc.) please contact us via call/email.

On a Video Call

Online Class/Meeting Rules

Dear OurGrayAreas Counseling Center Clients,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all programs are provided virtually/online via Google meet. Therefore, keeping up with accurate and up-to-date information is very important. We strongly recommend checking OurGrayAreas Counseling Center website regularly to stay in contact with any changes that may take place. Below is extensive internet and media information regarding online classes. We want to make sure that each client has all the tools needed, so that we may have a successful group each week. To help maintain confidentiality and keep good group etiquette, we have created a toolkit that is helpful for everyone. 

Choosing to use online sessions should require:

*  Must have a good internet connection. If you do not have a good internet connection you do not qualify for online groups. You must have a smartphone, tablet, or computer to qualify for online groups. The device (smartphone/laptop) must display participants faces during the entire group session.

* Participants must commit to participating in a private quiet space so that others could not observe and hear participants, breaking confidentiality.

*  Participants must be in an upright sitting position in a chair not walking around, not in a store, not driving, not laying in a bed, watching television, not in a workplace. Please avoid all distractions while in a group.

* Participants are required to sign in to the group on time and attend the entire group to receive credit.

*  Smoking, eating and drinking alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

* Participation is a must. We are still required to send monthly reports on each client's progress.

* Attending class from public place and in the car while it is in motion are not allowed.

If you break any group rules, you will immediately be removed from the group and marked absent for that day/class.

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