Enrollment/Registration Forms 


* For the BIPP enrollment: please go to the Make Payment page and choose the payment options provided on the list. Once your payment is received, the enrollment form will be emailed to you. After receiving the payment and signed enrollment form, you will be provided the instruction to join the class.  

* For DWI enrollment: scroll down (load more) and fill out the Texas DWI Intervention Registration form (the second/GREEN form). If any question doesn't apply to you, put NA. 

* For Anger Management enrollment or other intake: Fill out the New Client Questionnaire (first form)

* Make sure all the sections are completed correctly. DONOT leave any question blank/empty. If shows 'validation required/failed', that means one/more question has not answered - review all the sections and submit again.

* Your enrollment will be incomplete without receiving the complete enrollment/registration form and payment .