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We offer group and individual counseling sessions on Domestic violence class (BIPP), Anger Management, Parenting class, and more. Get in touch with us for further inquiries.

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Through education, consultation, prevention services, and outreach, we will achieve the mission to promote development and growth for both of your personal needs and interpersonal competencies. Our programs meet the Texas State Guidelines and TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations). Our BIPP program is certified by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the Texas Council on Family Violence. OurGrayAreas counseling center is an Accredited facility provider with the courts, probation, parole, and CPS/DFPS.

Programs & Fees

BIPP program schedule (Men): You can only choose one of the days/time; no switching from one class to another is allowed. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality behaviorally based therapeutic outpatient services to individuals in the most caring environment possible. To provide means for clients to share experiences, support one another and improve their care for a better quality of lives. 

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Our Vision

Each of our programs are designed to recognize what your needs are, what to be changed regarding your behavioral patterns with self-understanding and consideration of the impact of their actions on others. So that you can BREAKTHROUGH the conflicts & Inspire your life with Optimism, and build a better quality of life !!!


About  the Counselor

Shamima Nasrin

I strongly belief that - Our feelings lead to our thoughts & thoughts lead to actions; once we are able to alter our negative thoughts, positive actions are possible despite the severity of the problem.

One of the greatest joys in my life is when I educate people the prevention strategies, how they are capable to walk out of their deepest struggles into freedom and victory. Throughout my career, I have spent countless hours helping individuals and families work through traumatic experiences, personal struggles, and families find wholeness and wellness. I believe that if the willingness to change is present in a client, great things can be accomplished through counseling!

I am an educator and lifetime learner. I have completed my BS in Psychology (minoring in Chemistry), MS in Psychology, and a licensed chemical dependency counselor, LCDC. I am also a nationally certified Parenting Instructor, and DWI Intervention Instructor in Texas.

Working years in both treatment and intervention field of psychology, I fell in love with intervention prevention side of mental health. I believe my greatest strength as a counselor is having the ability to help a client by educating them, listening to them, and building rapport so that they can find the next right steps for their lives while still showing empathy for the difficulties that have already occurred. When we know the purpose for our lives, our marriages, and our families, we can begin to start walking in the right direction that will bring about the changes we so desire.

I consider my role as a counselor is a privilege in walking alongside my clients on their journey towards living an abundant and fulfilled life.  Whether you find yourself struggling in a relationship with your child, spouse, friend or co-worker; or you find yourself wrestling within, I am here to walk with you.  You are not alone, and I am ready to help!.  


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